Survive and Thrive!


Every year, millions of women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Every year, millions of women survive.

Studies show that breast cancer survivors are left uncertain of the long-term results of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation on their bodies, and need to take lifelong precautions to avoid problems such as lymphedema. To maximize the quality of her patients' lives, Stephanie Davies has focused on caring for breast cancer survivors and helping them heal from the complications resulting from their cancer treatments. She has now expanded her offerings to include training sessions for other health care professionals who also treat these special women.

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Stephanie's Survive & Thrive!™ patient program provides the treatment and guidance needed while dealing with potential post-treatment problems. Difficulties such as: loss of chest and shoulder movement, pain and sensation loss, accumulation of fluid in the arm, hand or shoulder, and loss of overall strength are common.

In a private setting, all issues are addressed and patients are carefully guided along a path to regain themselves - and their mobility.

For more information on this topic read this article written for Chicago Health Magazine.

Stephanie's techniques have been very beneficial to her patients. To help others in her cause, she has developed a Survive & Thrive! training program for health and fitness professionals. Over the course of two days, these professionals will learn to successfully and confidently guide breast cancer survivors through a safe exercise and fitness program, while learning how to care for the physical and emotional effects patients experience during breast cancer treatment. The Survive & Thrive! course will be offered May 5 and 6. Download the brochure or call 773.477.7599 for more information.

Most insurance accepted when evaluation and treatment is prescribed by an M.D.
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