"It's like a full-body massage while you're working out."

- Joyce, 40-years old, GYROTONIC® participant

An innovative approach to whole body fitness, spinal health/flexibility, and core strengthening developed by Hungarian-born Juliu Horvath. Drawing from his background in dance, swimming, yoga, and eastern medicine, Juliu Horvath created circular and spiraling movement patterns that stretch and strengthen while stimulating every major system of the body. These organic movement exercises are now being taught around the world by certified instructors on a unique apparatus called the GYROTONIC® Expansion System®. This machine consists of a complex system of handles and weighted pulleys and is fully adjustable to meet each individuals needs. GYROTONIC® is used for both performance enhancement and rehabilitation. Like Pilates, GYROTONIC® strengthens the core of the body, this in addition to the fluid flexibility and coordination gains helps prevent injuries and increase joint health and stability. Whether suffering from back pain, rotator cuff injuries or arthritis, when supervised by a therapist, GYROTONIC® can alleviate your pain and allow you to return to a fuller life. Individual sessions are scheduled to meet the specific needs of each person.


The group-class format developed to further explore the movements of GYROTONIC®. All movements are performed while sitting, standing, or lying on mats. It has often been referred to as "yoga in motion" because of the rejuvenating, yet dynamic, movement patterns involved. Like GYROTONIC®, these movements are stretching, strengthening, increasing circulation and yet are safe for the joints. A wonderful way to relieve the stresses of a busy work week and improve overall posture.

Most insurance accepted when evaluation and treatment is prescribed by an M.D.
Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Illinois preferred provider. Participating member of Private Health Care Systems (PHCS)