Stott Pilates

"My body loves this stuff."

- Chris, 57-years old, bilateral hip replacements

A contemporary approach to the classic form of body conditioning developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. The focus of Pilates is to build a strong core. When done correctly, this eliminates back pain and allows for natural strength and efficiency with all of life’s activities. While achieving strength, Pilates also creates more flexibility throughout the body limiting joint stresses and enhancing spinal alignment. This intelligent form of mind/body exercise uses awareness of posture and breath to reduce stress, increase vitality and tone muscles. The STOTT™ approach has taken the classic method into the needs of our present day, fast moving culture. The physical demands of today are even more rigorous than the past. STOTT™ has added variations of exercises and modifications to meet the needs of individuals of all ages, activity levels and skills. STOTT Pilates™ is a great addition to any rehabilitation program, clarifying the importance of long-term strength and flexibility for long term health and well-being. Pilates has been endorsed by physicians for decades.

Most insurance accepted when evaluation and treatment is prescribed by an M.D.
Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Illinois preferred provider. Participating member of Private Health Care Systems (PHCS)